The BEST Thai Restaurant in Colorado Springs: Wild Ginger

First, you need to understand that Thai food is my favorite food on the planet. But only if it’s cooked well. Honestly, I have only been to 2 Thai restaurants, ever, that are worth eating at. (Guess I need to go to Thailand…) One is in the Hawthorne district of Portland, Oregon. The other one is Wild Ginger, here in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Wild Ginger is a family owned and operated. Thailand is known for their friendly people, and that friendliness can be fully experienced at this restaurant. They are always there to greet us, by first name, and let us sit wherever we would like. When we bring our kids, we choose one of the oversized booths, but when it is just Derek and I, we usually choose a window seat, where we can watch the activity on West Colorado Avenue, as we enjoy our meal.

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