TouchGraph … How Are We All Connected? (A Fun Link Tool for Us Visual Learners)

Thanks to one of my favorite feeds:, I was able to find a SUPER COOL (free) tool that shows, VISUALLY how certain search terms and websites are all connected, through Google. This site is called:

For example: I typed in “Understanding the Realtor® Code of Ethics” (something that I wrote a lot about, on my “other” blog as well as here, on Active Rain) into their search bar. The diagram below is what came up:

What this shows is the Top 10 Google Results for this search term (the big bubbles) and from there it shows the top 10 results for sites that point to that same site, and sites that point to those sites, and so on …

Some auxiliary sites point to two main sites. As you can see, Yahoo! And point to both a specific post on Active Rain as well as the page that shows all AR posts tagged with this search term:

Each Bubble can be clicked on to expand the top 10 incoming links even further. There really is NO END to how far across you could take this.

You can type URL’s or keywords into
their search box and this program will compile all the data from Google, into this super-cool visual aid!

This can be used for visually understanding where all the links are, who uses certain keywords and who links to who …

This is a very fun tool, and I am sure that there are some great uses for it, beyond what I mention, here. But for now … I just love messing around with it!

Here is the link:

Have Fun!


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