Big Cats of Serenity Springs: Sanctuary for Non-Domestic Cats – East of Colorado Springs

Just east of Colorado Springs, in Calhan, Colorado is Colorado’s largest Federally Licensed placement facility for non-domestic cats: Serenity Springs. This facility has “well over 120 big cats, including lions, tigers, ligers, cougars, leopards…”
that they care for.

To help raise money for their minimal $18,000 a month costs of operation, Serenity Springs offers photo opportunities: You can get your picture taken with their baby cubs for $25. We found out about them in front of a local WalMart, where they had set up a tent with 3 of their younger cubs: Titus (above), Scar (below) and Erika (not pictured), litter-mates who had been rescued from somewhere in Eastern Oregon not too long ago.

We took a few pictures and while we were waiting for our print, it was very apparent that the folks who worked with these large cats LOVED them and took excellent care of them. But like ANY non-profit organization, they always need help. There are volunteer opportunities for anyone over 18 and they are always accepting donations.

You can also “Adopt a Cat” where you receive a picture and regular updates on the cat that you adopt. This is a monthly adoption fee of $25 – $250. Or, you can become a “Member of the Pride” which gives you even more recognition within the sanctuary.

For more information on Big Cats and how YOU can help support Big Cats of Serenity Springs, please call: 719-347-9200 or email: Check them out online:

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2 Responses to Big Cats of Serenity Springs: Sanctuary for Non-Domestic Cats – East of Colorado Springs

  1. Ines says:

    They are sooo beautiful! I’ve always wanted to own a big cat. What a great facility!!

  2. They are also SO SOFT! They act just like domestic kittens only louder, larger and their paws are HUGE. I am happy that there are peple like the folks at Serenity Springs to care for them.

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