Derek’s Gynecologist …


This is a tribute to HOW sometimes our clients can help US more than we can help THEM.

Derek and I spent last week in Nebraska, playing in Lake McConaughy with our children and our friends. For us, “playing” consists of (among other things) going Mach 10 in a double inner tube behind a speeding boat. There is always screaming, laughing and a couple pseudo near-death experiences.

Yes. This is fun.

Well, on one particular day, Derek and I were holding on for dear life while our friends whipped us in semi-circles and launched us over small wakes. We hit that “one” wake at an odd angle, and “plop” I landed in the water.

“Plop” is not the correct Onomatopoeia for what happened to Derek. He shot up, out of the inner tube about 8 feet into the air and, like a helpless ragdoll SLAMMED into the water. More like he slammed ONTO the water… ear first.

I looked over at him, clutching the side of his head and he asked me, “Are you okay?”
“Yes. Are you?” I replied, as I looked around to see where the boat was.
“Am I bleeding?” He asks as he looks at his hand that was clutching his ear.
“No. What happened?” I start making my way closer to him as the boat starts heading back in our direction.
“I swear that I hit your head when I flew out of there. Did I?”
“No. Are you okay?” I wasn’t too concerned, as getting hurt is a part of this “fun” that we like to have…
“No. I’m not.” Okay. Now I began to worry. He went onto say that his equilibrium was all of and he was disoriented. (Good thing we were both in life vests.)

The boat came over and we got aboard. Derek could not submerge his head under water for the rest of the trip without excruciating pain. We thought that maybe he had gotten water in his ear, but had to wait to see a doctor before really knowing.

There is ONE thing that is NO FUN about owning your own business and/or being self-employed (like being in the business of Real Estate): Health Insurance. It is an arm, a leg and almost your first born. We decided to give his ear a few days (and some water-in-the-ear treatments) before taking a 2nd mortgage out on our home to visit the doctor.

Well, during this waiting period, Derek could not hear well out of his left ear, and kept asking, “What was that?” to some clients that he was taking out looking at homes for sale in Northern Colorado Springs and Monument. Finally, the husband asks what is wrong and Derek explained the whole inner tubing “experience” all the way up to the “helpless ragdoll slammed into the water” bit.

Well, I am a gynecologist. Let me get my bag of tricks!” says our client who heads to the back of his car.

Um. I don’t think I WANT something from YOUR bag of tricks, Mr. Gynecologist… Derek thinks to himself.

Our client returns with one of those ear-looking-into-thingys (that is the technical term) and takes a look in Derek’s ear. (Okay, fine. I looked it up and it is called an OTOSCOPE.)

It looks like you ruptured your ear drum, Derek.” He states after peering in his ear.
“So, what can I do about this?” Derek asked.

“Well, nothing. It will probably heal itself within the next 4-6 weeks. You COULD go see a doctor, like you were planning, but they will just tell you that there is really nothing to do but wait.”

Thank you Mr. Gynecologist Client! You just saved US a couple hundred dollars!


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One Response to Derek’s Gynecologist …

  1. Ines says:

    Mariana – I will remember this story for years. I told Rick about it (the paid actor I say is my husband) and he cracked up! We share in the pain….but it is so worth it. Please tell Derek to suck it up!

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