Blog Tour USA Comes to Denver! Blog Fiesta Unites Dozens of Colorado Bloggers…

What a great day!! Derek and I went to Denver today for the Blog Fiesta – A gathering of dozens of Colorado bloggers and Sellsius˚‘ own Joseph Ferrara and Rudy Bachraty.

This event was put on by Todd Carpenter of Lenderama. He picked a great location, in Southern Denver and we had quite the turn out! He did a fabulous job putting it all together. Many thanks, Todd!!

Derek and I (yes, Derek WAS there, and NO Steve, he wasn’t really a paid actor …) were the first ones to arrive. I had plenty of time to hand out my magnets … (see below).

Soon, people started showing up and eventually Joe and Rudy arrived. Everyone mingled for some time, and Derek and I got to talk with Rudy about blogging and some of our success stories because of blogging. Definitely one of the coolest guys I have ever met.

I was also excited to finally shake hands with Steve and Laura Sheer, Doug Lindstrom and re-meet Dena Stevens and Kristal Kraft, among many others! Photos were being taken and it was like everyone was an old friend reunited. We really got to see Kristal’s Picture Taking Skills in action!

Rudy and Joe took a bunch of video footage and pictures for their Blog-umentary that they are putting together. How cool will THAT be!!

After some time spent mingling and putting some REALITY to my Real Estate blogging world, Todd got up and shared some really great ideas for blogging and then handed the spotlight over to Joe and Rudy.

I had the honor of being the Blogarazzi for some time … Rudy handed over his camera to me, where I was able to film most of their presentation. They talked about the importance of blogging and how it positively affects the business of real estate, as well as their motivation for Blog Tour USA. From there, they had a Q&A forum.

After Rudy and Joe were done, Kristal Kraft gave us a great “peek” into her blogging career – that started in 2000! (Was it even called blogging then? Or was it still a “weblog”?) She is a WEALTH of information, as she has seen the RE Blogging world in all stages and in all moods. (Maybe SOMEDAY she will trade me her points for new shoes…) . Check out her slide show from the Blog Fiesta.

After Kristal, we had the pleasure of hearing Google Wisdom from Rob Blake. Thank goodness his head didn’t explode! We were worried there for a bit …

We all got to enter to win copies of Realty Blogging, a free stager consultation and an iPod Shuffle! There were MANY happy winners!

I also got to sign the Blog Tour USA board … I liked how MIAMISM dominated the board at this point … You Go Ines!! (That “Hello My Name Is” sticker in the corner was MY contribution…)

Derek and I had to leave a bit early to attend a closing, so we missed the group photo by the van L. This day proved how IMPORTANT … and FUN … it is to CONNECT with virtual friends beyond the computer screen.

Although, my complimentary magnet WAS appropriate …


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6 Responses to Blog Tour USA Comes to Denver! Blog Fiesta Unites Dozens of Colorado Bloggers…

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  2. Kaye Thomas says:

    How fun.. looks as if you guys had a great time..

  3. Steve Scheer says:

    Mariana, Great review of the event. It was very nice to meet you & Derek as well. We’ll talk soon I am sure.

  4. Kaye- We DID. I wish that we could have stayed longer.
    Steve- We WILL talk soon. I have someone who may need your assistance. You DO work in Aurora, yes?

  5. Ines says:

    Mariana – there’s DEREK!!!! He exists!! (but I knew that already, his videos are hilarious). I was so glad to see a picture of the board……man that Miamism DOES stand out! I’m so glad you had fun and you got to be part of that whole crazy Blog Tour USA!

  6. Ines- We DID have fun. Even though we had to leave early.

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