How Big is Your … ?

Television? Library? Business? Bank Account?

Thanks to my Sock Puppet REAgentInCT friendAthol Kay and his Feed Bag, I found a very interesting post by Tony Gallegos about wealth, success and time. The post was entitled: Rich People Have Big Libraries … Poor People Have Big TV’s. (Thank you again, Athol!)

This post is aimed at mortgage brokers, and its parallel to real estate agents is undeniable. (Heck! It is useful for ANY business…)

The more time people spend working ON their business … reading “improvement” books, listening to “business” eBooks and Mp3’s, and taking the time to LISTEN and LEARN more about the business that they are in, corresponds almost directly to how BIG and SUCCESSFUL their businesses are.

So, are YOU spending your business-building hours in front of your 87″ LCD flat-screen TV? Or, are you balancing your time wisely?

Now, I am not saying that you need to “Kill Your Television” … I am just asking what this blog post is asking …

How big is YOUR priority for building and bettering your business?


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4 Responses to How Big is Your … ?

  1. Isn’t Athol’s site great…one of my daily reads. Thanks for the mention and link love, especially coming from someone in my home State of Colorado…go Buffs and Broncos!

  2. Sock Puppet says:

    Thanks for the link love 🙂


  3. Tony- Yes! My Google-Reader and I are big fans of Athol’s blog. You wrote a great post, and it made SO much sense.

    Athol, er, I mean Sock Puppet – Of course! You always give me good things to chew on…

  4. Here is another interesting link about TV’s …

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