Help These Kids Improve the Monument Skate Park

For anyone who did not know, Derek and I originally met because of a skate park – Burnside Skate Park in Portland Oregon, specifically. So, there is always a soft spot in my heart for kids (and parents) looking to raise money for a better skate park.

I have always found that when there is a good skate park nearby, kids WILL GO THERE.

Not only is this great for parents (they always know where their kids are), but it is also great for kids (they have somewhere to go).

Public sidewalks, curbs and railings can be saved from rail slides and “ollies” when there are decent skate park facilities nearby.

Monument, Colorado is looking to improve their local skate park. From talking to the kids that are helping to raise money, they need just $50,000 to build a skate park that is fully functional, yet mobile enough to transport to a new location if and when needed.

What is even MORE impressive is that the kids themselves – the kids that WANT the new skate park, are the ones actively raising the money. Imagine how much PRIDE they will have in their new park, when THEY are the ones making it happen!

For more information on how you can help these Monument Sk8ers raise money for their new skate park, please contact Rich Landreth (Town of Monument Public Works) at: 719-481-2436 or send an email to:

Let’s help these kids get a new skate park!

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