Answer Your Dang Phone!!!

(Yes. This is a rant …)

We are currently representing some buyer clients (and friends) in the purchase of a great home in downtown Colorado Springs. The house is wonderful, our clients are perfect, and we are set to close in a couple days. We have been under contract for about a month.

No … Nothing too out of the ordinary.

My issue? The listing agent has NEVER … Not ONCE answered his dang phone during this entire transaction. Not when we went to present an offer … Not during inspection time … and NOT while we are finalizing everything that we need for closing … Not EVER!

Not only does he NOT answer his phone … EVER, but he NEVER returns his calls until a day or 2 later. AAAGGGHHH!!

I’m sorry … I see a blatant breach in FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITY to a Seller, here. Because of this agents’ lackadaisical approach to this business, WE have had to write um-teen amend/extends extending dates that were about to be missed because “someone” would not respond to contract dates in time to effectively meet them.

If our buyer clients did not love the home as much as they do, we would have ditched this contract on MULTIPLE occasions due to this other agent’s inability to ANSWER THE DANG PHONE or RETURN CALLS IN A TIMELY MANNER.

No, I do not always answer my phone. Neither does Derek. But we DO TRY to answer our phones when we are not with other clients and we DEFINITELY return our calls in a timely manner.

Does the Seller even KNOW that the deal could have fallen through MANY times, had it not been for US keeping on top of it?

How many potential offers did the Seller miss out on BEFORE we made OUR offer?

Okay, maybe I should THANK the AGENT-WHO-SHOULD-NOT-OWN-A-PHONE for this … ?

Maybe, his NON-EXISTANT PHONE SKILLS, coupled with OUR PERSISTANCE and DEDICATION are the only reasons our Buyer Clients are getting this home that they love, instead of someone before them.

… I wonder if he will show up for closing …

(Maybe he was afraid of the telephone?)

Posted By: Mariana Wagner – Colorado Springs Real EstateMonument Real Estate


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6 Responses to Answer Your Dang Phone!!!

  1. Ines says:

    Mariana, you know you totally cracked me up with this post…..that agent needs to be straightened up, or better yet, needs a good Whooping!

  2. Ines- I really appreciate your support “outside of the Rain” – So nice to see a familiar face. Thank you!

  3. This is SO true!!! This is the most common sin in real estate and I think besides stupidity, there are too many part-timers who are licensed who put their listings on the backburner while they work their “day job”- isn’t RE practiced in the “day”???

    The worst is that same listing agent who will not under any circumstance answer your calls but her/his ASSISTANT will answer and “take a message”- since when can we negotiate with assistants?

    This topic should be aired on every single blog- the rant is worth it… you’ve hit on the nerve of my most hated offense!!!

  4. ARW! Thank you or your support on this rant. I hope that this “shift” in the housing market weeds out many of the agents who refuse to take this business seriously. Great point on the assistant/message/negotiating peeve …

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  6. Well … he did not show up for closing. Imagine THAT!

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