It Is Harder Than It Looks …

We are really trying to break into the Realty Vlogging world – but I tell you what! It is a lot harder than it looks. Here is a peek into the world of what NOT to do when trying to make an effective video for your website …
[ Video #1 Under Maintenance – Will Return Soon …]

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13 Responses to It Is Harder Than It Looks …

  1. Laurie Manny says:

    OMG, those are hilarious

  2. Ah! A peek into the lives of the Wagner’s …

  3. Mariana and Derek – you guys are insane!! I LMAO last time I saw them, and again right now. Derek is a character!

  4. I have to LIVE with this man … But I am ALWAYS entertained!

  5. That is Derek?! Funny how he looked and sounded different in my mind. He is a character! You need to syndicate the Derek show. Well… once he can get through a 30 second spot without cracking up.

  6. I’m finally not the nuttiest guy on the scene. Let’s welcome Derek with open arms!! haha.. what a nut.!! 🙂

  7. Maureen -The Derek Show? Scary …
    Nick! A Nut – Yes. A nut. Takes one …

  8. PS. What happened to Derek’s long curls from the pic on the cruise?!

  9. Sock Puppet says:

    Suddenly my sock puppet doesn’t look as bad.

    Keep it up, you’re making as all look good!

    Grats on the Carnival win. 🙂


  10. Justin Smith says:

    Wow. That video is hilarious. It reminds me of zefrank.

  11. OK now THAT is too funny. Good job Derek. Or not!!

  12. RealtyScoop says:

    Be careful, Bryant! You don’t want to encourage him!

  13. sopitikoj says:


    A fantastic site, and brilliant effort. A great piece of work. Best regards!


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