Get Behind Me … Slow Market? (Jack White Sells His House…)

Why do we care about this stuff? Well, probably for the same reasons that we watch shows like … um, … you know – all that Reality TV. The lives of others’ – especially celebrities, are exciting. Sometimes their mistakes make us feel better about ourselves – and other times their lavish lives make us feel more down-to-earth…
So, for you entertainment pleasure …
Jack White (of the White Stripes) bought his home in Detroit, MI for $524,000 in 2003. It was a 1913 home designed by C. Howard Crane (Broadway). Jack put it up for sale for $930,000 (2006) and wound up selling it for $590,000.
Hmmm… The Michigan market must be hurting a bit? (If you want really good info on the Michigan Housing Market – check out Maureen Francis’ MiOaklandCounty Blog)

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2 Responses to Get Behind Me … Slow Market? (Jack White Sells His House…)

  1. Jack is the perfect seller for a prospective buyer. He already moved out of state and he does not need the money from his home sale. Jack just wanted to dump his house. Expecting his initial asking price of $930,000 from it in an area that does not support many sales in that range was, ummm, well….ill advised.

    That said, there are some spectacular ‘deals’ to be had in the Michigan housing market today. And not just from rock stars who’ve decided Nashville has it over Motown.

    Thanks for the plug, Mariana! I’ll always be loyal to the Motor City, even if the celebs aren’t.

  2. Thank you Maureen, for your input. 🙂

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