Do THIS While Surfing the ‘Net …

When surfing the 'net – whether you are looking for real estate in Colorado Springs or Monument – or for a New Kids on the Block pillowcase – or trying to find that one kid that shoved you in a locker in high school – or maybe you actually do a lot of productive “work” on the internet – (whatever it is that you do online …) – there is a site that will make your online experience way more entertaining.

In fact, you may really have to join the Betty Ford For Bloggers group once you check out what I have to share with you.      This is a completely FREE site.  But, what IS it?

Pandora is like streaming radio with ESP – You type in an artist or song that you like and Pandora builds an entire radio station just for YOU – based off of what YOU like!

It takes a nano-second to join, and once you do, you can have as many "stations" that you want – each created by you and what you like. Pandora stores these stations for you, in your account, giving you access to them whenever you want.

If you really LIKE a song, give it the "thumbs up" – and Pandora will take that information and weave it into how it determines the next songs.

Conversely, if you give it the "thumbs down" – Pandora stops the song immediately and alters the future songs accordingly.

I have learned about so many new artisits and little known songs with this site. I have also re-found songs that I liked a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away … Pandora has also really broadened the horizons of my music knowledge and taste.

Now, you do not have the ability to play a specific song or artist, but whatever song or artist that you type in originally, eventually does get played – usually in the first couple of songs. Their license does not allow them to play a song or artist on demand. This site is to be used less as an iTunes and more as a chance to find new music and make your web-surfing experience even more fun.

I ususally log on to Pandora and get a station playing  – minimize the window (or open a new tab)  – and continue on with my day with a never ending – no commercial – stream of music in the background.

Check it out!

What a great thing to share with your friends – your Buddy List – Your Top 8 – Your Friends and Family – … anyone who likes to putz around online … !

(Just another fun non-real estate post by Mariana Wagner  – Colorado Springs Real EstateMonument Real Estate)


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