3 Easy Ways to Find a Buyer’s Agent to Represent You

How can you find a Buyers Agent to represent you? Nabbing the first agent that you talk to may not be your best move. You need to find someone that you are comfortable with and confident in. Not sure that you NEED a Buyer’s Agent?

Once you understand the benefits of having a Buyer’s Agent represent you in your next home purchase, you may be wondering HOW to find one. Well, there are a few ways.

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Three Easy Ways to Find A Buyer’s Agent to Repersent You

Posted by: Mariana Wagner – ‘Springs Realty Scoop Colorado Springs Real Estate


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I am a Mom, Wife, Real Estate Agent Trainer and Mortgage Lender. Find me at http://www.marianawagner.com
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3 Responses to 3 Easy Ways to Find a Buyer’s Agent to Represent You

  1. Sharon Simms says:

    While designations don’t necessarily mean a great agent, I think great agents do constantly improve themselves and learn more about more things – thus designations are a good start. Then click on the website or blog and pick up the phone, check them out. If we’re not learning, we’re stagnating.

  2. Sharon, I agree… A good agent is ALWAYS learning and growing and learning and growing. Agent designations CAN be a good indication of this.

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