Top 5 Benefits of Having a Buyer’s Agent

Having a professional Buyer’s Agent represent you in your next home purchase is always a sound decision. Here, we will take a look at how Colorado views a Buyer’s Agent, and then we will discuss the Top 5 Benefits of having a Buyer’s Agent.

According to the Colorado Definitions of Broker Relationships (25-5-04 DEFINITIONS OF WORKING RELATIONSHIPS, Colorado Real Estate Commission):

“A buyer’s agent works solely on behalf of the buyer to promote the interests of the buyer with the utmost good faith, loyalty and fidelity. The agent negotiates on behalf of and acts as an advocate for the buyer…”

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Top Five Benefits of Having a Buyer’s Agent Represent You

Posted by: Mariana Wagner – Colorado Springs Real Estate


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4 Responses to Top 5 Benefits of Having a Buyer’s Agent

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  3. outsider222 says:

    Make very sure that your buyer’s agent is a “Fee Paid” buyer’s agent.

    My “Buyer’s” agent conned me out of my home.

  4. As I mentioned in this post, the definition of Buyer’s Agency can be starkly different from state to state. The duties that a Colorado BA would owe their clients may not be the same as in other states.
    Also, keep in mind that if there is only noe agent involved in the sale of the home, they most likely represent the seller, not the buyer.

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