5 Links Worth Sharing

If you do any business on or with the internet – Real Estate or whatever, then these posts may be of interest to you …

A couple of these links were found via Seth Godin’s Blog. I happen to love him – no, not that way. But in the “When My Google Reader Pops Up With A Post By Seth Godin, It is Time For a Break and Check Out What He Has To Say” way. Some of the links are from my own research, and I deemed them worthy enough to share them with you, and you.

  1. What Do I Get? -This post talks about giving and getting. How he can effectively cram an entire moral marketing lesson into just 3 short paragraphs, well… it baffles me.
  2. Choice -Again, with his post on making choices, he manages to get a whole lot of “make you think” information into a tidy 4×6 spot on your screen.
  • GapingVoid – This particular post is a magnificent look at the internet and blogging. In fact there are 16 highly educating and entertaining points that are brought up. My favorite is “Nobody Cares About You … To rise above the clutter you have to offer something remarkable; something worth talking about.” Oh, and #11 is quite an eye opener, as well. This is a very easy read and worth the “click.” (Thank you Seth!)
  • SEOMoz– Oh yes, this is a MUST READ post. Super simple and with a great graphic. If you care about your SEO, then you should read everything that this blog ever offers. This post talks about the LINKERATI, which the term in and of itself makes me laugh, and has a few basic guidelines for how your site/blog should look.
  • Technology Evangelist– Ok. This made me think of Localism. Ed Kohler does a mini walking tour of San Jose in an effort to show the “other” side of Silicon Valley. I thought, “Hmmm… This would be a great idea for a Localism Post.” Is there something that your city or town is pigeon-holed for? Can you take a camera around and show the “other” side? Or what about a video tour of little know places and little pieces of history that not many people would know about? This post really opened my eyes to the alternative vlogging opportunities of Localism …
  • LifeHack– Productivity and Organizational Myths – This series of posts on LifeHack.org really does a fine job at hacking away at all my organizational excuses and productivity crutches. Heck! The blog in general always has something interesting to chew on.

Not that you have anything more pressing to do … (sarcasm), but I like to share. I learned how to do it in Girl Scouts. Have fun!

Posted by: Mariana Wagner – ‘Springs Realty Scoop Colorado Springs Real Estate and Monument Real Estate


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