Colorado Scheduled to Have 50 E85 Fuel Pumps by Year-End (2007)

Our new governor, Bill Ritter, drove over 25,000 miles throughout Colorado during his recent campaign in an E85 vehicle. (To learn more about E85 vehicles, please check out my recent post… E85: Fuel for a Happy Real Estate Business.) Since is victory, he has stated that he plans on establishing a “New Energy Economy for Colorado” and plans to start by establishing 40 new E85 ethanol fuel pumps statewide.

Per a recent press release, “Colorado is the largest beneficiary of a 12-state public-private partnership by General Motors to expand the availability of E85.”

In addition to this, Pester Marketing and Western Convenience will be supplying 22 stations in Colorado with E85 pumps.

Colorado residents will now have the convenience of having accessible E85 pumps in most cities, and will no longer have an excuse NOT to drive a more eco-friendly vehicle.

Posted by: Mariana Wagner – ‘Springs Realty Scoop Colorado Springs Real Estate and Monument Real Estate


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