ROTFL – Random Off-Topic Friday Links ~ Name Generators

I know – It’s Sunday. Being punctual was not one of my New Year’s Rsolutions, but I WILL try to be better…
This List O’ Links will be about Name Generators. If you ever are on MySpace, then you already know about them. They can be fun – and really dumb, too. Oh, and be careful … Sometimes there are “bad words” so, they may not be suitable for minors or the easily offended. Just have fun.

  • Behind The Name – This one just hands out random names, like mine: Syntyche Harrietta
  • Web 2.0 Business Name Generator– Need a name for your new Web-Based Business? There is no guarantee that ANY of these names are available, but they ARE pretty creative! I got: edgeify
  • What’s Your Pirate Name?– Aaargh Matey! This one has you answer a bunch of questions about Shakespeare and penguins and such, but has some great names! … Like mine: Dread Pirate Kidd
  • Super Hero Name Generator – In case you need a Supoer Hero Name… Here you go. Apparantly, I am the Chivalrous Yellow Armadillo, with the power of Ice Generation (from my source of Ancient Lore) and my weapon of choice is a Water Shotgun, that I can shoot while on my Whit Skiis of Transportation. Huh?
  • Again, I am not guaranteeing that a “bad word” will not appear, so please use caution … And, again…
    Have Fun!


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