Dog Poop and Fallen Signs – Love Thy Neighbor?

C’mon! It hasn’t been THAT windy in Colorado Springs…

We have a listing 2 streets away in our neighborhood. Beautiful home in eastern Colorado Springs. Like the good little real estate agents that we are, we put a “for sale” sign in the front yard of the home. Now, we know that the eastern part of Colorado Springs can get a bit windy, so we made sure that we used our big ol’ sledge hammer and pounded that baby a good 6 inches into the ground. Grrrr… That sign was going nowhere – or so we thought…

A couple nights ago, after attending an event, we drove through the neighborhood to check on our listing. See, the Sellers had moved out and we (benignly) wanted to make sure that all was in order. No particular reason. It was just past dusk, so there was not a lot of light, and we drove right past our listing- missed it completely. Duh. Where did the sign go?

Huh? We turned around and slowly approached the home. There was the sign, laying flat on the ground. Hmmm. Maybe the wind was only on THIS street. Ok, whatever.

“Honey, do you have the big yellow sledge hammer somewhere in your truck?”

“Yes. I will grab it and put the sign back in the ground.” (bang bang bang … wiggle wiggle … Bang Bang Bang … wiggle … BANG BANG BANG – whew!)

Today we get a call from our sellers. The wife is at the house removing a couple ceiling fans and the washer and dryer.

“Our sign has fallen over.” (again??)

“There is no way it ‘fell’ over. We sank that sign so far in the ground a tornado couldn’t tear it out. Something fishy is going on. Someone must be intentionally taking it out. I wonder why?” By now I have stopped re-reading Amber Riviere’s post and focused 99% of my attention on eavesdropping on Derek’s phone conversation. (1% of my attention was dedicated to my coffee.)

“Mmm Hmm. <pause> Mmm Hmm. <pause> … No way! Well, THAT makes sense!” Blah Blah Blah – the conversation ends.

Here I am 99% on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what “No way! Well, THAT makes sense!” means…

Apparently, per our Seller, their neighbors have a dog. A dog who has successfully pooped in our Sellers’ front yard almost every day since our Sellers’ bought the home 6 months ago. And no, the poop never got removed by the neighbor. Our Seller has always been the one to remove it and despite talking to the neighbor about it – the dog kept pooping and the neighbor kept not picking it up.

Anyway, our Seller accepts a new job and has to move. For several weeks before the big “Move Day” he watches the dog poop in his yard. He lets it accumulate and on “Move Day” he packs up the moving van, picks up all the poop and PLOP – dumps it all on the neighbors front yard.

Now, our Seller is quite certain that the neighbor, unhappy with the “parting gift” is trying to secretly sabotage the sale of the house by uprooting our sign– not because he wants to keep our Sellers as neighbors, but because he wants them to continue to make mortgage payments on a house they don’t live in any longer. Really? Is that REALLY what is happening?

Of course, we don’t really know what is going on, but whatever is happening; now we have to make a point to drive by the home every day to make sure our sign stays up. Good thing it is only a couple streets away.

Love Thy Neighbor? … Geesh!


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