Your Credit – Your FICO Score – Your Mortgage

I am not a mortgage broker. Nor am I a loan officer. I do not work for any of the major credit reporting agencies:

  • Experian
  • Equifax
  • TransUnion
  • I am none of these things, but I AM a Real Estate Agent in Colorado Springs. I work with and for people looking to buy a home in Colorado Springs.
    Almost every buyer that I work with and for will need a mortgage to purchase their next home. Mortgages are an intricate part of the home buying process and CREDIT and FICO SCORES are an intricate part of what type of mortgage a home buyer will qualify for.

  • But, what IS credit?
  • What is a FICO score?
  • Well, there are many places that a home buyer could go to learn about credit, but I have yet to find a comprehensive description of exactly what credit and FICO scores are really about.
    Until now… I just read a detailed, yet easy to understand article about FICO scores and credit, written by a blogger who calles himself the X Broker.

    “The key to understanding credit when applied to the mortgage industry is that its all open to interpretation…score isn’t everything” -X Broker.

    He lays out the differences between credit and scoring, as well as all the different catagories of FICO scores, explaining the benefits and drawbacks of each group, regarding mortgage interest rates and qualification.
    It’s the best full-bodied definition that I have read … and I have read plenty!
    So, if you would like a better understanding of your FICO score and your CREDIT, please check out his post: How are Mortgage Interest Rates Determined II


    About Mariana

    I am a Mom, Wife, Real Estate Agent Trainer and Mortgage Lender. Find me at
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    One Response to Your Credit – Your FICO Score – Your Mortgage

    1. Wallace says:

      Thanks for the addition information on how people
      can improve their credit. The more good advice a
      person gets the better.

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