ROTFL… Random Off-Topic Friday Links ~Artists~

Here is a list of some of our favorite artists. Some paint. Some draw. Some take amazing photos.

We either know them, kind of know them, live near them (local artist…) or have had some kind of contact with them in the recent past. No, you will not see Richard Avedon or Salvador Dali or Monet on this post, regardless of how much I like them.

  • Local Artist: Derek calls me and tells me to go online and check out a local photographer. So I do. See, we are in the process of finding a photographer to help us get a few really good, non-standard, please-don’t-make-me-look-like-a-Realtor® photos of us to plaster all over the internet, er, I mean use in a few of a marketing pieces and on our business cards. Anyway, I started perusing through this guy’s work, and I must say that I am seriously impressed.
    Check out his work here: JD Anderson Photo Gallery. He has been doing this for about 20 years, and is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


  • We Know This Guy: Let’s just say that we have known this guy (Eliki) as long as we have known each other. That would be well over 13 years, now. Dang! He has always been an artist and it is nice to see him really get serious about it. We proudly display his painting of Bob Dylan (that you see on the site- I bought it for Derek’s Birthday) in our living room. In fact, you can see Dylan’s face from the street in front of our house.
    Check out his work here: Eliki Thompson Painting Gallery


  • We Kind Of Know This Gal: A sister of a friend of a friend (or something). Laurie wears many hats, but this is only in recognition of the drawings that I find particularly fascinating. Her paintings are also wonderful, though. I found her on MySpace… But here is her official website: Laurie M’s Gallery


  • Had Some Form of Contact: Actually, I found this artist, through Eliki’s girlfriend, through the crazy little MySpace portal. I liked his art so much that I even got a cover for my iPod featuring one of his prints. (It’s a really cool site called GelaSkins, in case you were wondering.) I have even been so lucky to get a limited-edition T-shirt and key chain from him, directly. Check out his collection here: Aaron Kraten Art Gallery.


These links should keep your eyes entertained for a bit.
Have a great weekend!

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3 Responses to ROTFL… Random Off-Topic Friday Links ~Artists~

  1. Eliki says:

    Hey!! Thanks for the props Mariana! I am glad you guys are enjoying your painting 🙂 I am working on portraits of self portraits now – of friends, mostly. Hope you’re having a happy winter-into-springness in Colorado. Tell Derek I said hi. and thanks for the links to the other artists! Great Stuff!

    – Eliki

  2. RealtyScoop says:

    Eliki- Welcome back to my blog! You have a gift for painting the human form and face. I look forward to seeing more on your site…

  3. RealtyScoop says:

    awesome thanks!
    it looks great!
    (pulled from MySpace email…)

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