Perception = Reality: Real Estate Agents Suck …?

“…innovation comes from people who do things a little differently. Anyone who forgets that and clings to narrow minded ideologies will take their rightful place in a forgotten history.” (2/17/00 Derek M. Powazek, We’ve Got Blog)

This is SO my new motto. I woke up this morning completely SICK of battling the stereotypes that are laid thick on real estate agents, Realtors®, whatever. I am SICK of the OLD business model and SICK of combating the consistent CRAP that people say about agents. Honestly? I am also SICK of many agents. It is because of the standard business model that too many agents subscribe to, that I am looked at as a greedy, self-absorbed, in-it-for-myself, polyester, liar. … that makes too much money.

I, personally, do not believe that I make too much money for the services that I provide. The clients that we help do not believe so either (from my experience). But that is not the point. The point is that the public, at large, believes this and that is what matters.

Perception = Reality

Which brings me to this… If I am so different from how the public stereotypes me, then why do I use the same systems and business models that everyone else does? I mean, sure, I am honest and have integrity and experience. Blah… Blah … Blah … But, that is not changing my playing field. People cannot seem to see through the BIG R (Realtor®) prejudice enough to understand the “core differences” between me and most of my competition. Why? Well, too much of what I DO … is expected.

Something needs to change.


I will help people buy and sell houses. I will follow the Code of Ethics. I will use the state approved contract forms. I will take my 24 hours of mandatory continuing education a year. That is it. Something needs to change… The internet is already changing the playing field for Realtors®. How am I going to change with it?

I guess I need to really look at what that perception really is and work with that, yes? Yes.

  • The public believes that there is a commission “norm”. I know that commissions are all negotiable, but somehow that notion got put into the heads of the masses. And, remember …. Perception = Reality. What am I going to do differently to set myself apart from this?
  • The public believes that real estate agents make too much money. As I said before, I do not agree with this personally, but … Perception = Reality. What am I going to do differently to prove my worth?
  • The public believes that they could do what I do. Can they? … Perception = Reality. What am I going to do to make the public understand that I do offer a value to a transaction?
  • The public thinks that real estate agents are some of the most pretentious, overpaid, conceited asses ever. And in too many cases, I agree, and. … Perception = Reality. How far removed from the title of “stereotypical real estate agent” can I be to not be affiliated with that perception? (without leaving the business entirely)

So, since Perception = Reality … I guess standing around being right, all by myself, has become rather archaic. Now, I need to adjust my reality to conform to others’ perception. I need to find the perfect formula of EDUCATION and ADJUSTEMNT and GIVING PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT, instead of clinging tightly to some real estate business model utopia, which really doesn’t work anymore. Um, did it ever? Is it the “standard real estate business model” that has given the public the current perception that it holds onto so tightly? Maybe…

You know, I do not really have ANY specific answers to these dilemmas, but I DO have a fiercely ambitious desire to get these answers. I am stubborn enough to get them and apply them, too. I am SO motivated to break all previous real estate business models and jump, head first, into the wild blue yonder of (what some call) Real estate 2.0. … transparency … consumer empowerment … CHANGE.

Something needs to change.


What about you?

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3 Responses to Perception = Reality: Real Estate Agents Suck …?

  1. Jeff Turner says:

    Mariana, you’re right. Something needs to change and it doesn’t matter that you don’t know right this second what it is. It’s enough to recognize it and begin to take whatever action makes sense right now. The rest will come.

  2. RealtyScoop says:

    Jeff, Thank you. The first step in fixing a “problem” is knowing that there is actually a problem…

  3. Great post, really got me thinking about how or what can change the perceptions of the people I work with a the greater world of real estate clients/customers.

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