BlogRoll Changes

This is just a short note to let my readers know that I have decided to “re-vamp” my Blogroll, if you even care… I see the Blogroll as a rediculous popularity contest – one which Google may not even respect anymore. So, with that said, I have decided that the only blogs that I plan on having on my Blogroll will be related to Colorado Springs, Colorado, Real Estate or general Real Estate Consumer Information.
If you have a blog that you believe fits in one of those catagories, I will be happy to consider adding you. If you do not, or if I have removed you – please see this as a “business decision” and not a “personal” decision. I will still continue to be a loyal reader to my favorite blogs- whether ot not they appear on my blogroll. 🙂
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I am a Mom, Wife, Real Estate Agent Trainer and Mortgage Lender. Find me at
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