Colorado … Just the Facts, Ma’am!

Colorado is home to 3 of the top BEST PLACES to LIVE (including the #1 place), according to Money Magazine:

#1 Fort Collins, Colorado. Popluation: 128,000. Location: North of Denver, close to the Wyoming border.
#24 Westminister, Colorado. Population: 105,100. Location: Just Northwest of Denver Metro Area.
#61 Longmont, Colorado. Population: 81,800. Location: North of Denver, and N/E of Boulder.

    Honorable Mention… Best “big city” in Colorado? Colorado Springs, Colorado. Population: 369,800. Location: 65 miles South of Denver~ nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Why is it such a great place to live? What makes Colorado so wonderful?
For a state that doesn’t border an ocean or large body of water, Colorado offers so much!

Check it out…

  • There are 54 mountain peaks that are over 14,000 feet! All the “Weekend Warriors” in the world would have haydays discovering all the different terrains and skills levels and wildlife that each individual mountain has to offer.( )
  • There are over 26 different ski resorts that offer POWDER and THOUSANDS of runs- from the greenest bunny slopes to black diamond death traps- the ultimate in ski and snowboard entertainment. Some open as early as September and others have been known to remain open past 4th of July! And when the mountains are not covered with snow- you will find all the resort towns bustling with the activities of art and music festivals and biking and hiking tours (some where you take the ski lifts to the top- and navigate your way down…)!
  • There are 42 State Parks and 15 National Parks to explore and appreciate! ( Colorado State Parks and National Parks ) Experience the rugged Mother Nature via snowmobiling, mountain biking, camping, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, boating, kayaking … Marvel at the monumentous Great Sand Dunes National Park (near Alamosa, CO)- where, in the middle of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains is a HUGE “desert”- all sand! Or, battle the whitewater- all skill levels -on the great Colorado River!
  • Theme Parks… With Six-Flags Elitch Gardens and WaterWorld (voted #1 water park in AMERICA…) excitement is NON-STOP! Waterworld offers 64 amazing acres and over 42 attractions, super affordable entry fees and free parking… well worth a season pass, and only minutes from Denver Metro Area!
  • … and so much more!

    I love where I live! If you have never experienced Colorado- now is the time. And, if you have… now is the time to return! For your FREE Relocation Guide, please visit us at:
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    2 Responses to Colorado … Just the Facts, Ma’am!

    1. geno petro says:

      Mariana, the only time I remember being in Colorado was in Estes Park about 10 years ago. I remember the Elk(s?) were as tall as a house and that I almost died after climbing to 12,000 feet—and we started at 10,000! Of course the cigarette I had dangling from my mouth (long since quit) didn’t help. But I agree…very, very beautiful in your part of the world.

    2. RealtyScoop says:

      Geno- Estes Park is beautiful. What a great part of Colorado to remember! And, yeah.. the altitude can be a doozy for those used to sea level!

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