The Real (Sad But True) Effects of the Recent Colorado Snow

I am sure that most of you have been aware that those of us who reside in the front range of the Rocky Mountains (Denver and Colorado Springs) have been hit with quite the snow storms over the past few weeks. Kristal Kraft has some great posts about the weather. I have even done a few posts myself. (See below…)

What does all of this snow this mean to Colorado?

Well, nothing good. First, there have been avalanches. Luckily no one was seriously injured. But, according to a local news article, despite all the snow that we have been getting, “much of the states snow-pack is below average.” This is not good because we need snow-pack in the right places (mountains) for our water supply. Proper snow-pack alleviates the problems associated with living in a high desert like watering restrictions and, more importantly… forest fires.

On the other end of the spectrum… there ARE parts of the state that have above average snow-pack- up to 124%! But they are in the N/E and S/E parts of Colorado and do not really effect our water supply. What’s worse? These are rural communities that rely heavily on livestock. Despite rescue efforts of the Colorado National Guard, these past storms have killed over 3,000 cattle, causing a major hit to these area’s economies.

I think we need to strike a nice balance with Mother Nature. (Although I would never trade snow storms for hurricanes…)

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