Colorado Springs Housing Market – December 2006

What happened in December, here in the Colorado Springs Real Estate Market?

I would have thought that the snow would have made more of an impact on the market than it did, seeing as we were “snowed in” for several days at a time… (title companies were closed, no one was driving around to show or list homes…) But, it seems as though the market is stronger than the weather.

I pulled the MLS data for Colorado Springs and surrounding areas (Manitou Springs, Fountain, Monument/ TriLakes area and Falcon) for the month of December 2006, and this is what I found.
*Please note that this does not include many new home sales nor FSBO’s (which are not prominant enough to really skew the numbers, anyway).

  • The Average Days on Market (DOM) for December 2006 were 92 (same as November!). The highest DOM area was Old Colorado City- at 154 DOM and the lowest was Manitou Springs, at 48 DOM.
  • The Sale Price % to List Price % averaged out at 97.69% (98.01% in November). Briargate was the highest at 101.73% (Check out my post on Unintentional Range Pricing for my theory on why this may have happened…) and the Westside was the lowest 93.86%.
  • We had a total of 575 new listings (vs. 663 in Nov.), 305 homes went under contract (vs. 322 in Nov.) and 218 sold (vs. 204 in Nov.).
  • How does this compare with December of 2005? From December 2005 to December 2006…

  • There was a 9.4% increase in new listings.
  • There was a 2.3% increase in homes going under contract.
  • There was a 13% decrease in homes that sold.
  • Sale Price to List Price went down a little over 1%.
  • Days on Market rose 30.4%.

    However, despite all this “shifting” our average sales price (from 2005 Annual to 2006 Annual) DID go UP … 5.9% !
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