LIFE 2.0 – Available Now! … Are You Working Hard? Or Smart?

I am re-reading Seth Godin’s Small is the New Big. He makes a great point about working hard,

“In the old days, we could measure how much grain someone harvested or how many pieces of steel he made. Hard work meant more work. But the past does not necessarily lead to the future. The future is about work that’s really and truly hard, not just time consuming. It’s about the kind of work that requires us to push ourselves, not just punch the clock. … Today, hard work is about taking apparent risk.”

He goes on to explain that hard work is taking a “calculated risk” to take your business beyond the “status quo.”
Now, I know that working long hours, especially in MY lines of work (real estate) IS unavoidable at times. But, consistently working long, hard hours is not going to boost my business significantly… Nor will it boost yours.

“Then what?” (C’mon, don’t pretend that question wasn’t in your mind…)

Here’s What… Today, hard work is intellectual.

Work Hard – To overcome your fears.
Fear of Failure -You WILL succeed
Fear of Success – Success will not change you for the worse
Fear of Change – Change is good. I mean it.
• Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Oh, wait. Not that…

Work Hard – To be ahead of your competition… Take Risks.
Be innovative – Think “outside the box”
Be a student – Always be learning
Be open to new ideas – Minds are like parachutes; they don’t function when closed.
Be better than you thought you could beSurprise yourself!

Work Hard – To blast through expectations
• Surpass what your broker/ boss thinks and believes about you
• Surpass what your clients or customers or co-workers expect from you
• Surpass what the public assumes about you
• Surpass what your family and friends think they “know” about you
• Surpass YOU

You have all heard of Web 2.0 which is creating Real Estate 2.0 -which is really creating…

Life 2.0

This Age of Information (or what some like to call the Digital Revolution, but that sounds too much like the preface to a Terminator movie, to me…) is quickly approaching Critical Mass … the Tipping Point … a major Paradigm Shift.

Everything that we know about everything is changing. The way that we look at business … friendships … LIFE is changing. You are already a part of this change. (No. Don’t argue with me. I am right.) But, you are going to have to work hard to keep up with all this change …
NO! You will need to work SMART:

• Overcome Your Fears
• Take Risks
• Exceed Expectations
• (and incorporate a healthy dose of time management.)

Trust me. Your business… and LIFE will thank you.

Now, go out – embrace 2007, and … Be Successful!
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2 Responses to LIFE 2.0 – Available Now! … Are You Working Hard? Or Smart?

  1. Chris says:

    great tips, thanks for sharing

  2. RealtyScoop says:

    Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment! 🙂

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