Meme (a Socially Acceptable Internet Chain Letter…)

In the spirit of the Holiday Meme-Fest that started earlier this month (Dec. 2006) I have been tagged, again. What does this mean? Well, I need to divulge 5 Little Known facts about moi. Ok, Moi and Derek will have to suffice…

1. I love sci-fi movies (but not Star Trek). My 2 favorite ones are 12 Monkeys and Tank Girl. In fact, I am a fan of the Tank Girl comics that came out well before the movie, as well. I have created one of the most comprehensive Tank Girl fansites on the web, through a MySpace portal, and have quite the fan support – mostly die-hard punk rockers- which I find highly entertaining when I get a peek into their world.

2. Derek used to be a Volkswagen restoration specialist, in one of his many past lives. He managed one of the largest OldSchool VW parts distribution centers in the world for several years, before deciding to work for Dodge … ? My favorite VeeDub that we owned was a 1963-15 Window deluxe Microbus, blue and silver. We wound up selling it at a VW show in California and took the cash to start up his real estate business.

3. I am fascinated by autism and have a theory about the people who “fall in the spectrum” of Autism- not just the Rain Man type. I have worked very closely with autistic people. I also have some very close friends that are either autistic, or have autistic children- 2 are my god children. I believe that they are hyper-intelligent, but since a human brain can only hold so much … the social aspect of the personality goes by the wayside, making communication and “proper” behavior difficult and frustrating.

4. Derek worked as one of the head chefs for a local steakhouse many moons ago. He had the reputation of cooking the “perfect steak” and was complimented nightly! …But here is the kicker… He was vegan at the time of working there. Not only did he not eat meat, of ANY kind, but he did not eat anything that came from an animal either. He cooked the “perfect” steaks, strictly by look and touch. He was Vegan/Vegetarian for about 9 years, and I was one for 7. Our oldest son is still a vegetarian. Our youngest son is a carnivore – through and through.

5. I am a habitual student. I have been enrolled in college since 1997. I do not have a fancy degree to show off, as I only take 1-4 classes a year, and only classes that I want to take. None of them add up to a degree, collectively. I love learning and will be a student forever. My most recent classes were: U.S. History (Yep! I had PLENTY of opinions that not necessarily went with the intent of the class … ) Philosophy, Algebra and Humanities. I am one of the oldest students, and the only student that has been enrolled THIS long – consecutively.

Now, a traditional meme would be followed by “tagging” 3 more people. I am going to mix it up a bit. Instead of tagging other bloggers, I am going to take the opportunity to spread a little link love to all of the folks that were/are directly a part of the meme’s that I have done in the past.

To the one who spurred me to post a meme on my Realty Scoop Blog, let’s give a warm welcome to Pat Kitano of Transparent Real Estate Technologies. I absolutely love the concept of transparent real estate … I mean, what is there to hide, anyway? Thank you Pat, for your tag!

Now, there is this one lady who tagged me before. She, my NYC Sistah, is also known as Christine Forgione and blogs about her adventures in real estate in Queens and Long Island.

The first tag that I got received came from a Realtor friend of mine, Ann Cummings, over on ActiveRain. She can be found in New Hampshire and Southern Maine – hopefully not at the same time…

What comes to your mind when I type the letters… VA? Nope. Not Virginia. A VA is a Virtual Assistant. I like to think of them as magical pixies that ride around on unicorns magically making my life easier. Laura Monroe is a VA… in CA. In fact she OWNS her own VA company- Creative Agent Solutions.

And who tagged Derek? Well, a fellow Keller Williams agent did … John Novak, from Henderson Nevada (Somewhere close to Vegas, Baby!)

Now, here is a mini-link love list to those that I have tagged in my past…
Ines Hegedes-Garcia and her hubby Rick – They wear mittens when it is 60 degrees out. But they are Realtors in Miami, Florida. So I will excuse them…
Then there IS that appraiser with no last name… Nick The Appraiser

There you have it, folks!
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6 Responses to Meme (a Socially Acceptable Internet Chain Letter…)

  1. Happy New Year Mariana! Thanks for the post a few days ago over @ my blog regarding that “snow covered” real estate agency!

  2. pat kitano says:

    Thank you for your acknowledgement… your personal insights are fascinating… a very belated Happy New Year to you Mariana… 12 Monkeys rocks!

  3. RealtyScoop says:

    Vince- Thank you for stopping by!
    Pat- You are welcome. A happy new year to you, too! I hope that you have a fabulous time at Inman/ NYC!

  4. Nick -you know who says:

    Great material.. !

    Thanks for the link back. I’m watching!!! be nice! 🙂 (as you always are).

    Nick The Appraiser

  5. RealtyScoop says:

    Nick- Always nice to see you around my posts. Please do not be a stranger. :))

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