Colorado Winter Wonder …Bread?!?

Greenhaven Park 12/28/06
It snowed, again! I guess my prediction for “no snow on New Years” from my last SNOW post has been proven wrong. Over the past few days we have had even more snow, here in Colorado Springs. Depending on where you live, snow has fallen anywhere from 7″ to a foot, between Thursday and Friday. Whereas last storm the eastside got hit harder than the reat of the city, this storm fell harder on the foothills.

Again, we knew it was coming. Only THIS time more people decided to prepare … But no one knew how difficult it was going to be to “prepare” – as many of the stores did not have regular deliveries because of the last snow storm and the Christmas holiday.

Empty Shelves!
Derek and I went to several stores, in search of “comfort food” to prepare and share with our friends and neighbors. What did we find? Well, we sure did not find BREAD! Have you EVER seen a major grocery store with shelves THIS EMPTY?!? And the bread aisle was not the only vacant place in the store… HUGE sections of canned goods were gone. The meat section only had remnants that there was once USDA Fresh cuts of anything. The produce section was down to a few scraps of Organic cabbage, yams and exotic peppers. What about the dairy section, you ask? Well, I have NEVER paid that much for a gallon of milk … ever! Pickings were slim … and this was the same story in most grocery stores around town.

Trash Day…?
I guess there is a silver lining to every snow-filled cloud, right? Well, since we could not get many groceries, we did not have much trash (or so that should be the case…). This would be a good thing, as the trash collectors have been out of commission for 2 weeks, now – due to non-navigable roads and holiday schedules. Can you IMAGINE how much trash builds up in 2 weeks – especially when you throw Christmas in the mix?!?

The theme of the neighborhood, for the past couple days was “Put the trash out and hope that it magically disappears.” (It finally did disappear, after accumulating for over 16 days …) Thank you Waste Management for working this weekend!

Blue Skies! 12/30/06
Today, Saturday Dec.30, we had some great blue skies – a welcome reprieve from the cloudy gloom. Now, it is still chilly out and the wind is still sounding like lost souls floating around my house. But the blue skies are that happy reminder that we live in Colorado- home of 300+ days of sunshine every year!
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