‘Tis the Season to Give … a Small Story

After reading a great post by Nick M (Activerain.com), I remembered this story.

About 8 years ago, I was driving through a part of town that some might call “sketchy” one evening when I noticed a guy trying to re-start his car. I drove down the same street a few times – and noticed that no one was stopping to help him. There were no service stations or homes or stores around – maybe 45 min walking distance away. Just a few office buildings that were all closed up for the night. No one was stopping to help him.

By the 3rd time I drove by, he is leaning on the side of his car, a helpless look on his face. Maybe getting up the gumption to start walking? Oh, did I mention that it was FREEZING out? It was Christmas-time. My dear husband has always told me NOT to pick up strangers. Maybe he was right … But I grew up in NYC, and I don’t follow directions very well.
ANYWAY – After a quick prayer and a good “feeling” -I pulled over and asked the guy if he wanted a ride somewhere. Okay. Okay. – He was OBVIOUSLY a “gangsta” (Well over 6′ tall w/ some “interesting” tatoos, “stylish sporty threads” and that “hardened” look…)
Now, he approached my car very cautiosly, like I was going to pull out my .38 and “put a cap in his a**” … Afterall, dozens of cars had passed him with no intent of stopping to pick up this ominous stranger.

Eventually, after some persuading on my part, he got in my car and I drove him the 10 minutes (drive time) to his home. The entire time, he sat in my car TENSE AS EVER squished to the passenger door of my car, and answered all my conversational questions with “Yes M’am” or “No M’am” and watching me like I (all 5’4″ 125lbs. of me) was going to attack him! Poor scared soul! (He had just bought this car from a friend of a friend – now it was broken down…)

Had no one ever done anything NICE for him for no reason? It was all I could do to not laugh and cry at the pure irony of the situation … All I could hope was that maybe this gesture of kindness would help somehow. Maybe give him a little faith in humainty? I think of this situation often and wonder how many people are out there that have no idea what it means to GIVE… It really made me wonder how many kids/young adults become gang members and “hooligans” because they have never seen or experienced the Goodness of Giving.

What have YOU done to show people the Goodness of Giving?

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3 Responses to ‘Tis the Season to Give … a Small Story

  1. REBlogGirl says:

    Both my husband and I live and die by that very idea. As Christians, we know that sometimes the only Christ people will ever see is the Christ that lives within us, so we take special care to be as giving as we can be to those around us and people in need.

  2. Jay Thompson says:

    Giving is what it’s all about. I have to admit though, if my wife had come home with this story I probably would have flipped, despite how generous and giving it is!

  3. RealtyScoop says:

    REBlogGirl~ It is suprising how much we ALL have to give, yet how selfish so many people are. We can only lead by example. Thank you for stopping by.
    Jay- You know, my husband DID flip when I got home … 🙂

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