She Passes! She Shoots! …. She SCORES! (the crowd goes wild) ~GOALS, Gotta Love ‘EM!

Goals… Hmmm. ‘Tis the season!

Usually, I will dream up some great goals- ones that I feel the need to accomplish. They are great destinations, but completely overwhelming. This year, I’m trying something new – It’s called “doing it the right way” …

I am making goals- and not ones that I will obsess about for one month and forget about because I’m overwhelmed. …No, not this time. I have committed myself to the 4:1:1 – a manageable way to set, track and acheive my goals. This 4:1:1 is a “productivity tool” found ont he Keller Williams Intranet- available to all associates looking to benefit from being held accountable for business and personal goals.

4 Weeks. 1 Month. 1 Year.

First, I am setting measurable and attainable annual goals- goals that I want to have accomplished in ONE year. (For example, I have a goal of having a comprehensive and informative blog/ article database.)

Next, I will break that goal down into smaller monthly goals. These can be several “smaller” goals that make up my annual goal. (I will compile a monthly list of all the things that I would like to/need to blog about.)

Finally, I will break the monthly goals into bite sized weekly chunks that I can easily accomplish. (I will write 4-5 planned blogs and one “random” blog per week.)

I have picked 6 “BIG ROCKS” in my business and personal life that I want to accomplish – broke them down to chewable pebbles. Mmmm ….

I look out into the distance… Do I see that gloomy cloud of “Overwhelm” looming about me? No. I see clear skies and accomplished goals in my future- (and lots of great blogs, too!)
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