Resigning My Position as Judge…

No. I’m not on the Supreme Court. (Well, not yet.)

I just received an email from a friend of mine. The email was an article from Amanda Gore. Now… in many respects, this is the same “yada yada” motivational Same-Point-Different-Format idea.

BUT… this particular email struck me, and caused me to re-read it. The article was about JUDGEMENT. What a great topic … Judgement. (No, not the nasty item on a credit report).

“We should remember to use judgement, not make judgement.” What a concept. Are you making judgements about everything in your life? I am always catching myself making judgements … and then I find myself not using judgement in my day-to-day life. It is one thing to be conscious of the people around you in your life. It is whole other thing to try to “mind read” what others are thinking and doing. How can I accurately “perceive” what others are thinking about and the motivations behind what they are doing? I can’t. I have my own life experiences and “filters” that interfere with accurate “perception.”

“Judging someone completely disconnects us from them.” – Think about it. If you already form an opinion in your head about a person before really knowing the in’s and out’s of their situation – you may potentially damage the relationship, before it ever gets going.

“Learning shuts down when judgement kicks in.” – How can I learn about a person if I already think I know about them? Hmmm … … … True.

And what about embarrassment? Don’t we get embarrased because we think others are judging our actions? Guess what? I would bet that “the truth is … most people are never thinking about you. Because they are so busy worrying about what YOU are thinking about THEM, they don’t have time to think about you!!”

Maybe we should “avoid mind reading” and really listen to people. I know that we, as agents, DO listen – but there is always room for improvement … right? What a thing to chew on… yum. yum.
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