Love Affairs, Office Politics, Rumors … TRUE STORY!

In referece to TLW’s GREAT BLOG I must share a great example of Office Politics, Gossip and the stupidity of it all.

True Story:
Before we became the Wagner Professional Group at Keller Williams we (Derek and I) had built a different team (that we later handed over to someone else…). This team consisted of 10-15 people at any given time. Our offices were located in a large building amongst hundreds of other agents. To understand our “roles” … Derek was the outgoing, meet everyone, chatty agent. Everybody loves Derek… I on the other hand, well, I was very friendly too, but I was more into systems and operations than “networking” and spent more time “at my desk” than wandering around the office befriending everyone. We have always balanced eachother out like that. We are not mushy-mushy together in the office, but we are obviously very close.

If you are familiar at all with any real estate office, you are fully aware that there are always new faces and re-emerging faces floating around the office. I never get the opportunity to meet EVERYONE right away. Well, I started hearing snippits of rumors that Derek (from the ** Team) was having an affair on the wife that he always talks to highly of. I know it is BS, but I could never track it down. For almost 3 months I keep hearing a little here and a little there. Derek is just as baffled as I am… It was getting to the point that our team’s reputation may be hurt because of this rumor…

I also am noticing that there are some people in the office that are treating me quite odd. There seems to be no reason behind it. One woman, in particular, is QUITE awful to me. And I am not ok with this, so I approach her and ask her if I had offended her somehow. She had NO real answer for me and walked away. A couple days later, I walk into a common area. A group of newer women agents that I only know by sight, including that ONE woman, start talking all hush-hush all of a sudden. So I start listening.

Apparantly, I am the little tramp (can I say that?) that Derek is having an affair with.

After spitting out my coffee in a quiet burst of laughter. I approach the ONE woman. I say, “I asked you a couple days ago if I had done anything to offend you. You said no. Obviously I have offended you.”

She spun around and stared at me and said defensively and aggressively, “Well. How can you live with yourself???” (By now there are several people in the area that know both Derek and I very well …).

“You think I am having an affair with Derek Wagner?” I ask.

“Well…” she stammers, and glares at me with the “Well, aren’t you??” look.

“Um. Ma’am. Derek and I have been married for 12 years. I am his wife. Now, even though I think that your rumor spreading is a cancer to the office, I find the fact that you think that Derek and my relationship is an affair is a wonderful compliment to how “young” our love still is.” (…and a wave of laughter sweeps the room…)

Her reply? “Ugh! I’d kill my husband if I had to work with him.” and she walked away.
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