*… 10 Seller Tips For a Great First Impression …*

Thinking of selling your home? We all know that first impressions are very important when trying to sell a home. A lot of homes are overlooked if the first impression doesn’t yell, “Look At ME!” Well, you have lived in your home for some time now, and sometimes it takes and “outsider” to give an opinion of the first impression of your home. I will play the part of “outsider” and offer 10 low-to-no cost tips to freshen up the first impression of your house…

Tip #1: Get into your car and drive away from your home. Turn around, and approach your house the way a potential buyer may arrive. What are YOUR first impressions? How does your landscaping look? Are the cracks in your driveway and curb full of weeds? Are there out-of-control shrubs and trees blocking the view of your home? Note the things that may need attention.

Tip #2: Wash or thoroughly clean wood, aluminum, and vinyl sided homes, to remove dirt, grime, peeling paint, and mildew. Pressure washing can make the process easier. You can probably rent a pressure washer at your local hardware or building supply store.

Tip #3: Sweep and hose off the walkways and driveways. Pressure wash if necessary. Remove any weeds from cracks in concrete. Remove litter and debris.

Tip #4: Rake leaves, trim shrubbery and trees, cut the lawn, and plant a few new, fresh flowers. Put down fresh mulch or peat moss around shrubs and flower beds. Make sure your greenery is not overpowering your house.

Tip #5: Wash your windows, in and out.

Tip #6: Paint your front door and mailbox, if possible. Clean and polish your door and entry hardware. Make sure your doorbell works correctly.

Tip #7: Touch-up the paint on the exterior of the home if necessary. Hardwood trim on the exterior of the home can make or break its appearance. Make sure it looks clean.

Tip #8: Look for any cracks in exterior plaster, and make sure they’re fixed and repainted to match exterior paint.

Tip #9: Make sure all your locks work correctly. Check the locks of your home at the entry, back entry, and garage. Locks can give a first impression of a home that needs maintenance. And they’re the first thing a buyer sees. A small dab of graphite will make them work like new.

Tip #10: Organize the garage. Get rid of clutter by either putting it in boxes, or pack ahead of time and rent a storage locker for your garage belongings. Make sure you wash your car. A cluttered garage may give the impression that the house is too small to store all of homeowners’ belongings.

Your Real Estate Agent can help you with many of these items, offering additional advice and service providers to aide you in preparing your house for sale. These 10 Tips will make a world of difference on your house’s first impression to prospective buyers.
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